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I want some music podcasts.

I have tried many and found them all wanting. I'm after something in the rock/metal/goth vein, where they play lots of music instead of just wittering ABOUT music, and the presenter doesn't have a really irritating voice. I currently have two that I actually like - A Darker Shade of Pagan (which I discovered through this comm) and The Wyrd Ways Rock Show - and one that I found after it had stopped which only has one episode archived that I LOVED and I really wish was still going, which was called something like Femme Metal Undercast.

I have tried many others and mostly rejected them because the presenter is incredibly laddish and sexist or has an irritating voice or both (Metal Hammer podcast I am looking at you). I'd prefer something which concentrates on new music, or metal with ladies in, or both, but honestly? Right now I will settle for something where there's just music I can listen to and lots of it. There's no rock radio station near me, and I need SOMETHING to drown out the horrible cheesy dance crap they play in the gym when I'm exercising.


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